Explore a New Path to
Cloud GTM Growth

Many ISVs want to invest in Cloud GTM.

But it can be a struggle to get internal alignment or resources early on in the journey.

Until now.

With Tackle Explore, there's an affordable, seamless approach to Cloud GTM.

Trusted by the World’s Leading Software Companies

Building Your Cloud GTM Strategy Has Never Been Easier.

For an annual subscription of $5,000, you'll get:

Tackle Prospect

  • Speed up the path to closed won with 150 account scans / month to identify best-fit deals for Marketplace and co-sell.

Tackle Co-Sell

  • Automate the process for increased lead sharing and stronger partner relationships with 10 co-sell registrations / month. Integrate your end-to-end workflow with the Cloud Provider co-sell portals and Marketplace private offers.

Listing Management

  • We’ll connect and maintain the API connection to one Cloud Marketplace and set-up your listings so you can transact with ease.

Tackle Offers

  • Transact up to $1M in Marketplace revenue and enjoy 3 Tackle private offers / month. Simplify your workflows and buying experience with offer history and real-time deal tracking.

Reporting & Insights

  • Take control of your Cloud Marketplace and co-sell revenue recognition. You'll have advanced reporting, aggregated views, and real-time visibility into the purchase cycle.
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We're Invested in Your Success

Your Explore experience includes 10 hours of dedicated deal support in addition to email and chat product support. You'll also have access to a collection of resources to help you and your team hit the ground running.

These on-demand resources include:

  • Product Documentation:

Access to helpful articles, FAQs, and guides related to the Tackle Platform.

  • Tackle Academy:

Dive into our playbook in Tackle Academy, which includes customizable learning paths.

  • Office Hours:

Live sessions covering the latest product development, ISV success stories, and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: I want to get listed on the Marketplace. Will this tier let me do that?

    Yes, you can create listing(s) on AWS Marketplace, Google Cloud Marketplace, or Microsoft Commercial Marketplace through Tackle. Our Cloud GTM Platform will walk you through the process step-by-step.

  • Q: I’m already listed on the Marketplace. Can I still sign up?

    That’s great! The Explore package supports one Marketplace. Tackle can easily integrate with existing Marketplace listings. If you have an AWS or Microsoft Azure listing, we have a quick import tool in the Tackle Platform you can use.

  • Q: I’m interested in paying for professional services to help me on my Cloud GTM journey. Is adding services an option?

    Professional services including Advisory Workshops, Coaching, and Co-Sell Managed Services, are always available to add on for Tackle customers. You can learn more about our Strategic Services here.

  • Q: My sellers don’t know which buyers to approach about purchasing through the Cloud Marketplaces. Will this tier help me?

    Yes! Your sellers can use Tackle Prospect to scan their pipeline and determine how likely accounts are to buy on the three major Cloud Marketplaces (up to 150 scans / month).

  • Q: How do I graduate from Explore?

    There are a few ways to graduate: exceed the $1M in Marketplace revenue, expand beyond the included usage limits (scans, offers, or co-sell registrations), expand beyond the included users (3), or go multi-cloud.

  • Q: What’s the price after the first year of Explore?

    We’ve dropped the post-Explore first year committed discount to $30k for up to $2M in Marketplace Revenue. When you graduate past this tier you go to the Enterprise tier pricing model.

  • Q: What happens if I don’t exceed the revenue threshold in year 1 or go beyond the feature gates?

    You are eligible to stay on the Explore package and renew at $5K.

  • Q: What if I want to have multiple listings on the same cloud?

    Explore covers one listing on one cloud and each additional listing will have a one-time $4k service fee.

  • Q: What if I want to go multi-cloud on day one?

    We advise starting on one cloud. However, if you want to invest at this level from day one, you are pursuing a strategy beyond Explore and would start with the Enterprise tier.